[Milton-L] Allusions to Milton in Atwood's "Oryx and Crake"

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Fri Sep 13 18:17:48 EDT 2013

I've blogged today on an allusion to *Paradise Lost* in *Oryx and Crake*:



I'm still reading Margaret Atwood's novel *Oryx and Crake*, in which
Snowman, so-called because of his whiteness and sensitivity to the sun,
recalls his pre-apocalyptic lover in his post-apocalyptic time, and
imagines her saying:

Paradice is lost, but you have a Paradice within you, happier far. (*Oryx
and Crake*, 362)

Snowman imagines this because all he has left of her are memories and
fantasies, though he is not happier, but sadder by far, so these words are
questionable. This line, however, recalls Milton's line (587) in a passage
of *Paradise Lost* 12.581-587 . . .


I go on to quote the Milton passage and note my own use of Paradise Lost in
my novella, but that's doubtless of lesser interest here.

If anybody knows the other allusion in Atwood's story, let me know.

Jeffery Hodges
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