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Thank you, Dave, for raising this very legitimate concern.


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On 9/12/13 6:34 PM, "Harper, Dave LTC MIL USA USMA" <Dave.Harper at usma.edu>

>I'd like to draw attention to the current draft proposal for
>restructuring the MLA divisions on display at MLA Commons. Forgive me if
>someone has already done this for the list, but if so I seem to have
>missed the conversation.
>As I understand the draft proposal, one of the options on the table is to
>collapse "Restoration and Early Eighteenth Century Literature" and "Late
>Eighteenth Century Literature" into "The Long 18th Century." Another
>proposal suggests collapsing "Literature of the English Renaissance
>Excluding Shakespeare" and "17th-Century British" into "British Early
>As has been voiced by Thomas Luxon, Jonathan Kramnick, and others in the
>comments to the draft, these changes will obscure the Restoration and its
>unique features even more than it now is while paired with the early 18th
>Century. The enacting of both these proposals would leave Milton stranded
>between the "British Early Modern" and the "Long Eighteenth Century."
>I would humbly suggest that those who haven't made voiced their opinion
>in the discussion at MLA Commons may want to. But not while
>sleep-deprived, as I was.
> http://groupsdiscussion.commons.mla.org/draft-proposal/
>Dave Harper
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