[Milton-L] MLA Division Structure Discussion

Harper, Dave LTC MIL USA USMA Dave.Harper at usma.edu
Thu Sep 12 18:34:51 EDT 2013


I'd like to draw attention to the current draft proposal for restructuring the MLA divisions on display at MLA Commons. Forgive me if someone has already done this for the list, but if so I seem to have missed the conversation. 

As I understand the draft proposal, one of the options on the table is to collapse "Restoration and Early Eighteenth Century Literature" and "Late Eighteenth Century Literature" into "The Long 18th Century." Another proposal suggests collapsing "Literature of the English Renaissance Excluding Shakespeare" and "17th-Century British" into "British Early Modern." 

As has been voiced by Thomas Luxon, Jonathan Kramnick, and others in the comments to the draft, these changes will obscure the Restoration and its unique features even more than it now is while paired with the early 18th Century. The enacting of both these proposals would leave Milton stranded between the "British Early Modern" and the "Long Eighteenth Century." 

I would humbly suggest that those who haven't made voiced their opinion in the discussion at MLA Commons may want to. But not while sleep-deprived, as I was. 


Dave Harper

David A. Harper
Assistant Professor
United States Military Academy

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