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Steve Fallon sfallon at nd.edu
Fri Sep 6 15:11:29 EDT 2013

Dear Richard,

I've just had from Susannah Monta the dates for your visit, and, drat, I will be away for at least a good part of it.  I'll be traveling Sunday through Tuesday, to give a lecture, and I'll be getting back on Tuesday in time to teach my two Tuesday afternoon seminars.  I'm done teaching at 4:45, so if your talk is after that, I'll look forward to attending.  Susannah mentions the possibility of a lecture on The Winter's Tale; I'm a huge fan of that play.  But whatever you decide on will be more than worth hearing.

All the best,

Stephen M. Fallon
John J Cavanaugh Professor of the Humanities
Professor, Program of Liberal Studies and Department of English
University of Notre Dame
Notre Dame, IN 46556

sfallon at nd.edu<mailto:sfallon at nd.edu>
pls.nd.edu & english.nd.edu

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