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I do believe that Milton represents Sin as having choices and have 
discussed that in a chapter in /Milton's Paradise Lost: Moral Education/ 
(not my choice of a title!). Sin has been given the responsibility to 
keep the gates locked, and she chooses to unlock them. If it weren't a 
choice, Satan wouldn't have to sweet-talk her and she wouldn't have to 
justify her decision by pleading competing loyalties.

Bunyan's allegorical characters work the same way: their names are 
adjectives (Faithful, Pliable), and, should they choose to act against 
type, their names would change, as "Graceless" becomes "Christian."

On 10/30/13 4:25 PM, Schwartz, Louis wrote:
> I don't think they do have choice (nor does Chaos), but it is worth 
> recognizing that Milton has presented them in ways that at least 
> suggest the question (or maybe raise that desire you speak of).
> Louis

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