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Thanks, John! As for "universal Pan, knit with the Graces and the Hours in
dance," Stella has just finished proofreading her essay on Neo-Latin Lyric for
the forthcoming NEO-LATIN ENCYCLOPÆDIA (ed. Jan Bloemendal et al.), with
discussion of hymn/ode/lyric poems in Horatian and Pindaric forms by 15th/16th
century Italian and other poets--Pontano, Marullo, Sannazaro, Crinito and
others.  Marullo in particular, in his HYMNI NATURALES (1497), published hymns
to Jupiter, Mars, Pallas, Venus, and other Olympic deities, introducing a
philosophic trinity parallel to the Christian, with Jove as both a neo-Platonic
first principle and quasi-Christian Creator God, Pallas as offspring, and Amor
as the spirit of love that unites the two and descends into the world as their
manifestation.  His hymns to Pan and the Sun feature Pan both as goat-footed
guardian of satyrs and a cosmic deity, symbol of the creative unity of all
things, as the Greek word "Pan" signifies; Marullo calls him (as he is called
in the Orphic Hymns) the generator of all things. Another Neo-Latin poet,
Flaminio, does likewise....

Quoting John K Leonard <jleonard at uwo.ca>:

> Precisely Steve Fallon's argument in Milton Among the Philosophers (allegory
> is privative and so befits Augustine`s notion of evil as privation). A
> plausible if ingenious argument, though it does raise a difficulty as to what
> we are then to make of the good allegorical figures, for there are a few
> (most memorably, universal Pan knit with the Graces and the Hours in dance).
> No God`s party critic would argue that Pan is a degraded version of Creation,
> especially if Pan is the Son (as he is in Spenser and Milton`s Nativity Ode).
> Interestingly, Bentley spared universal Pan even though he wanted to cut the
> catalogue of gardens that immediately follows.
> On 10/30/13, Susan McDonald <sjmcdonaldsk at gmail.com> wrote:
> >  Having followed this discussion, I wonder whether or not the "lower" mode
> of allegory used for Sin, Death, and other entities might not be intentional:
> a lower poetic form for a degraded version of Creation?
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