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Precisely Steve Fallon's argument in Milton Among the Philosophers (allegory is privative and so befits Augustine`s notion of evil as privation). A plausible if ingenious argument, though it does raise a difficulty as to what we are then to make of the good allegorical figures, for there are a few (most memorably, universal Pan knit with the Graces and the Hours in dance).  No God`s party critic would argue that Pan is a degraded version of Creation, especially if Pan is the Son (as he is in Spenser and Milton`s Nativity Ode). Interestingly, Bentley spared universal Pan even though he wanted to cut the catalogue of gardens that immediately follows.
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>  Having followed this discussion, I wonder whether or not the "lower" mode of allegory used for Sin, Death, and other entities might not be intentional: a lower poetic form for a degraded version of Creation?
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