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Good to hear that like Addison you appreciate the poem more after discussing and
rereading it. It does seem to grow on its readers. When I look back at the
marginalia in the Milton text I used when first reading PL, I am determined to
apply ink-remover to them before anybody can be appalled by them.  Re-reading
has certainly helped.
As Dr. Johnson said, "lost in wonder" is the way to go.

As for De Gustibus, let me confess that I find Rubens's women too fat and
unintelligent--he should have done them more like Cranach--and would have
advised him to learn from a classic 20th century painter like Picasso how to
sprinkle their noses and other features around the canvas in surprising places.

Quoting James Rovira <jamesrovira at gmail.com>:

> Thanks very much to Louis Schwartz, Michael Gillum, Alan Horn, Jeffery
> Hodges, and Michael Bryson for the time they've taken in their responses to
> me on this thread (I'd name one more but he didn't name me -- ha). If I
> missed your name, I apologize.
> I probably sound as if I dislike the episode more than I do, so I'd just
> like to encourage my respondents to remember that I preceded my list of
> complaints about the episode with a list of pleasures derived from it.
> But more importantly, as usual, the discussion has led me to appreciate the
> poem, and this episode within in, more than I did before.
> Jim R

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