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That's a real question.  This may seem like a facile answer, but i think it's there to increase the sense of irony.  It's also there because we expect it to be.  What we don't expect is what happens--not to mention what they actors look like and how they behave.


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That's true -- an escaped Satan, by itself, doesn't mean a fall -- but then why the massive gate and the lock? I'm not asking why God let Satan loose. I'm asking for an explanation of the ridiculous: build a massive gate and put an impregnable lock on it, and then hand the keys over to Sin.

Jim R

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It's doesn't (or it doesn't necessarily) out Milton in the "fortunate fall" camp.  It suggests merely (although not "merely" at all) that Milton's God intended to make the trial difficult and it's consequences (on both the passing and the failing side) "real," as we say.

There's stuff to read about all of this and related matters, if you're interested.


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