[Milton-L] Bk 3 and Jeffrey Shoulson's link

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Sun Oct 27 18:42:52 EDT 2013

That's true -- an escaped Satan, by itself, doesn't mean a fall -- but then
why the massive gate and the lock? I'm not asking why God let Satan loose.
I'm asking for an explanation of the ridiculous: build a massive gate and
put an impregnable lock on it, and then hand the keys over to Sin.

Jim R

On Sun, Oct 27, 2013 at 6:30 PM, Schwartz, Louis <lschwart at richmond.edu>wrote:

>  Jim,
>  It's doesn't (or it doesn't necessarily) out Milton in the "fortunate
> fall" camp.  It suggests merely (although not "merely" at all) that
> Milton's God intended to make the trial difficult and it's consequences (on
> both the passing and the failing side) "real," as we say.
>  There's stuff to read about all of this and related matters, if you're
> interested.
>  Louis
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