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Well asked, Alan. For instance, how about Hypocrisy, who shows up when Satan is
disguising himself as a stripling angel in order to bamboozle Uriel?

Does everyone agree that Milton carefully placed the Death/Sin/Satan drama near
the end of Book II in order to set up the opening of Book III, the poem's
doctrinal center in which the dramatic encounter of God and Son so precisely
and on so many levels contrastingly parallels that between Satan and Death?

Quoting alan horn <alanshorn at gmail.com>:

> Is all the figurative language to be stripped from the poem or just this
> one episode?
> I want to second Jim R’s suggestion to look back at Harold Skulsky’s series
> of posts from a couple of years ago explaining the genre and function of
> the passage in question and citing precedents in classical epic for
> Milton’s use of this convention.
> Alan Horn

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