[Milton-L] Sin and other Improprieties

Carrol Cox cbcox at ilstu.edu
Thu Oct 24 21:41:46 EDT 2013

Let me direct you to a good parallel, Pope's revision of the Rape of the
Lock, adding those supernatural figures and scenes to the earlier version.
In that case, I think all the critics have cried Brilliant! rather than
Milton, however, covered his tracks, did not publish the earlier version....


Pope grounded his irritation with Addison on Addison's advice not to make
the change. Pope interpreted this as attempted sabotage rather than as
friendly advice. Probably Pope was wrong in this; Addison really didn't
think the addition would work.


P.S. Some 50 to 60 years ago most comment on Pope's Dunciad disapproved of
the games in Book 2. I don't know whether this is relevant or not, but it
may touch on the general issue of "improprieties." Personally, I loved the
line, "And the fresh vomit flow forever green."

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