[Milton-L] first observations on the excision from 10

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Thank you, Carter and Stella, for the exquisite and elegant way you summarize literary controversies and reconcile them. I appreciate the way poets--who know the struggle to find the right word, form, line, and rhythm and to organize floating images in their minds--look with understanding at a fellow poet's works, "nods" and all. 
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  From srevard (in this case not identified as Carter, Stella or Carter & Stella, but I'll assume the latter:

  the people on
  this list, quite unintentionally and accidentally, have actually led us to see
  something about Milton's composition of Paradise Lost that has never been seen
  before:  he ADDED the Satan/Sin/Death segment after he had "finished" the poem,
  something that (despite his humorous self-flagellations) Professor Machacek has
  actually brought out.

  Not so fast.  This was what I had been thinking, when I saw that in book 2 Sin and Death could be removed without so much as a surgical scar remaining.  (Does anyone have Gilbert handy?  It won't be until tomorrow that I can get to the library to check out where he puts the composition of this material).

  But the excision from book 10 is going to prove much more difficult.  S & D are much more interwoven there, more references to them in passages they themselves are not in.  I'll try to get the challenges posted tonight or early tomorrow, and then start working on the fix.

  Greg Machacek
  Professor of English
  Marist College

  P.S.  It's flagellations and self-flagellations


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