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 No. You understand me perfectly, better than I understand myself. You have rightly fingered me as a finagler, an inveterate, unselfconscious, knee-jerk finagler.  Look the reason I'm castigating you all is that I'm trying to whip this out of myself.  I'm trying to gin myself up to be able to say, "No.  Shoots invisible virtue even into the deep is a bad line of blank verse.  I don't care if one can concoct a prosody that shows this doesn't technically violate the norms of five beat duple meter.  Your reader has to render it and won't be able to do so in an acoustically satisfactory way.  Surefooted as you are elsewhere, here you've misjudged." Mea non minora culpa.

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>  [SNIP]  I've just demonstrated that Milton expects us to realize the episode is bad 

Isn't that just more finagling? Apologies if I have missed your point, it's just that "expects us to" sounds like a backhanded compliment, when your intent (I had thought) was to deplore.
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