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I agree that loss of this particular resonance, and it's complex world of implications, would be one of the more significant losses.

Also, for what it's worth, we'd be losing two female characters, since Night would go as well (she's at least notionally or figuratively female).  Chaos could still be called a womb, though, especially given that it wouldn't also have to be a male Anarch.  And there's the moon, I suppose....


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Well, I have dinner before prep, so I haven't looked at the text yet, but I've started playing it through in my mind generally, and this immediately occurs to me.  We're going to lose our only other female character.  That's going to feel like a loss.  A lot of stuff for Eve not to resonate with any more (problematic resonances in their own way, I know, but still, poetically, resonances)


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