[Milton-L] Selden on verse

Carrol Cox cbcox at ilstu.edu
Fri Oct 18 21:10:01 EDT 2013

Bob Blair: I'm making some notes on Selden's Table-talk, and it may be
driving me silly, but in Reynold's edition, the last entry under the head
'Poetry' is "Verse proves nothing but the quantity of syllables; they are
not meant for logic." The next head is "Pope".


Well, what Pope provides is a wonderful _simulation_ or _imitation_ of Logic
in action rather than logical argument as such. We experience what it _feels
like_ to reason. So "Pope" doesn't necessarily contradict Selden.*


P.S. Listening to recordings of Paradise Regained does not come close to the
experience of _seeing_ the verse paragraphs. I has long seemed to me that
those paragraphs provide, as I have said of Pope above, a powerful imitation
of thought in action. I find merely hearing them on a CD quite

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