[Milton-L] Milton's blank verse: stresses and sources

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> >My question has to do with the relation between the line boundary (...) 
> >and the syntactic boundaries (...)
> Dear Michael, in Dante as well as in Ariosto and even in Tasso's
> "Jerusalem" poems, the final word in a verse usually corresponds to
> the last word in a sentence, or a meaningful part of a sentence at
> least. Enjambements are a bit more frequent in Tasso, but nothing to
> be compared with Milton.
> Everything changes with Tasso's long poem "Il Mondo Creato," where
> enjambed lines are the RULE. That's why it 'would' be very hard to
> memorize them too, provided anyone were interested in doing so. But
> this poem would remain an exception until the 20th century, and very
> few people ever read it --- John Milton among them, possibly.
> [In my website Tassonomia, after being finished with the selected
> passages from "Gerusalemme Conquistata," (in some years) I would like
> to translate the whole text of "Il Mondo Creato" into English, it
> would a trivial matter of some 10,000 verses.]
> Best!
> dh
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