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Perhaps this has already been noted, but *The Cambridge Companion to
Paradise Lost*, edited by Prof. Louis Schwartz, now appears displayed on
the Cambridge University Press website:


Contributors to the volume are Stephen M. Fallon, Neil Forsyth, John
Rumrich, Victoria Silver, Maggie Kilgour, Jeffrey Shoulson, John Creaser,
Paul Stevens, Karen L. Edwards, William Shullenberger, Joad Raymond,
Shannon Miller, W. Gardner Campbell, Mary C. Fenton, and William Kolbrener.

Also contributing to the volume is Terrance Lindall, from whose many *Paradise
Lost* illustrations, one has been selected to adorn the cover. For those of
you interested in Lindall's art, I've provided an expandable image of the
painting used on the cover:


Just click on that link and scroll down. You'll also find a link there to
many other of Lindall's Milton images.

I've even included one of the images Lindall colored for me since it's
related to Milton (with a link to more).

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