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The words that jarred on me were "without his hair" ("the biblical hero, imprisoned, blind and without his hair, faces God"). Without his hair? Really? Samson refers to "these [not "those"] redundant locks" (567) as if they had regrown and were now present and flowing in waves ("redundant" in the Latin sense) even though he thinks they are also redundant in the other sense ("to no purpose"). The point is that Samson has got his strength back (which is why he is able to perform wonders in both mill and temple). Does anyone seriously believe that Samson is still physically weak during the action of the drama? Harapha might have imagined that he was before his encounter with Samson, but he surely knows otherwise by the time he exits, which is why the encounter (pace Dr. Johnson) is not redundant.
John Leonard
On 10/09/13, David Urban <dvu2 at calvin.edu> wrote: 
>  Interesting that they say that Samson "faces God in this lyrical, violent
> epic."
> How does that description sit with those who argue that a (the?) main
> point of *Samson Agonistes* is God's absence?
> (Of course, they also call Milton's drama an "epic," and it's debatable if
> it's "violent," given that no physical violence takes place on stage.)
> In any event, an interesting description, albeit of debatable accuracy.
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> On 10/9/13 1:51 PM, "David Ainsworth" <dainsworth at as.ua.edu> wrote:
> >I'm passing along this announcement of a dramatic reading of Milton's
> >Samson Agonistes, this Monday in New York City.
> >
> >Please note that Milton Society members can get a discount!
> >
> >David
> >
> >October 14 at 7:30pm
> >Red Bull Theater presents
> >by John Milton
> >The biblical hero, imprisoned, blind and without his hair, faces God
> >in this lyrical, violent epic.
> >Directed by Michael Sexton
> >With Ron Cephas Jones, Robert Cuccioli, Richard Easton, Alfredo
> >Narciso, Joan Macintosh, Dakin Matthews, Christina Rouner, Robert
> >Stanton, and Marc Vietor
> >Lucille Lortel Theater, 121 Christopher St.
> >
> >Tickets for Milton Society members are 35% off with code "MILT35"
> >Click this link for tickets
> >https://web.ovationtix.com/trs/pe.c/9824295/prm/Milt35
> >or visit www.redbulltheater.com/readings
> >
> >All the best,
> >Craig
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