[Milton-L] Bible: The Poetically Revised Versions

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It seems to me that this list has become, recently, a vehicle for the expression of Mr. Rivarossa's various interests and enthusiasms.  I have no particular opinion on these, but I do not think that this is what the list is intended to be.  I would urge those who are interested in Milton scholarship to raise questions and issues about Milton's writings, life, and the scholarship thereon on the list, since that, I take it, is what the list is for.

No disrespect for Mr. Rivarossa is intended.

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We all know Milton's, and GG Belli's of late, intriguing translations
/ reinterpretations of Biblical verses and episodes. Now in the


(in English) it is currently being studied how the 'Italian Milton'
Torquato Tasso renders a whole Psalm (Ps 15) into 16th century
language and way of thinking, as well as according to his personal
views. The topic will take 4 no less than posts, and N. 3 will make
explicit reference to Milton.

Hope you'll enjoy it. Best!
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