[Milton-L] Homosexuality in Christian poetry

Dario Rivarossa dario.rivarossa at gmail.com
Sat Jun 1 12:51:27 EDT 2013

As far as I can remember, there are a couple of interesting references
to homosexuality in Milton's PL:
- a hint at Satan's love for Beelzebub in Bk 1;
- and Adam who, after the Fall, calls angels happy because, in his
opinion at least, they all are males and love one another that way
(notwithstanding Milton's and Raphael's explanations, more than once,
that the angels' corporeality is quite different from Man's).

Even more interesting, I think, is this topic in the long poem
"Gerusalemme Conquistata" by Torquato Tasso, supposedly a hymn to
ultra-Catholicism. Here's some data and considerations:



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