[Milton-L] "Fortune" in Renaissance literature

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The author of *The Discarded Image* would know that one could appropriately
thank the stars for an ability, although his Hermit might place the credit

The expression is so mechanical in English that I'm not sure it ever
registered on me as implying a theory of causation. "Thank *my* stars"
seems to be more common than "thank *the* stars" once you go back before
1800. "My stars!" used to be a common exclamation of surprise or alarm in
American English.

On Wed, Jul 31, 2013 at 1:09 PM, Dario Rivarossa
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> >And thanks for Dario for providing us with Italian sources on this topic.
> Just luck, being born here ;-) but honestly it's the only lucky side in
> this.
> But here's a counter-evidence: in the Prince Caspian episode, Lucy
> "thanks the stars" for having the right ability in the right moment.
> Just a figure of speech, or . . . ?
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