[Milton-L] Milton's exegetical sources

Etienne Guilloud guilloud at snappers.ch
Wed Jul 31 13:48:52 EDT 2013

Dear Miltonists,

I'm a theology student in Lausanne, Switzerland, and I'm currently writing my Master's Mémoire on John Milton's Paradise Regained, focusing specifically on his rewriting of the biblical temptation accounts, and on their reception history. I'm trying to find out wether Milton was influenced in any way by previous commentators of the gospel such as church fathers or medieval theologians, but I haven't really found any literature on the subject. From what I've understood, Milton was rather independent in his thinking and didn't really feel indebted to any previous thinkers, but still, I was wondering if someone would know wether that was really the case or not? It seems to me that Milton's reading of the temptation accounts is quite close to Origen's, and a few people have suggested to me a link in between Milton and Augustine, but I haven't found anything more solid than hints on that subject. 

If someone could suggest to me where to look, I would be really thankful!

Etienne Guilloud
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