[Milton-L] Miltonic Birth Sonnet

Kemmer Anderson kanderso at mccallie.org
Sat Jul 20 15:16:14 EDT 2013

*Kate Weight*

Journalists gather in flock for a sight

Of the Duchess of Cambridge, Lady Kate,

And Prince William, and the continued state

Of monarchy to shine from a star Light.

Oracle or constellation will write

The rhymes of Dryden singing out the fate

Of England as we in caesura wait

For a babe to enter the world tonight,

Swaddled in newspaper print, wrapped in praise.

But what line would Milton write of this day

As the shadows of Kings eclipse the Sun?

Enveloped in womb flesh, safe from the maze

Of war, greed, and flood, she will learn the way

Of hope found on the lost road to the Son.

Kemmer Anderson
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