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Coming Fall 2013 


The Critical Work of Law and Literature

University of Toronto Quarterly - Volume 82, Number 4, Fall 2013


Guest Editors: Simon Stern, Cheryl Suzack, Greig Henderson


This special issue showcases the methodological and historical range of
current scholarship at the intersection of law and literature. Spanning the
renaissance to the present, moving from conventionally literary forms
(drama, fiction, and poetry) to specifically forensic media such as
courtroom videos, and taking up subjects such as collaborative writing, land
disputes, and the modern law of sovereignty and immigration, these essays
show how both classic and lesser-known texts speak to, and engage with,
legal doctrines, dogmas, and dilemmas. The texts under consideration include
Hamlet, Sir Robert Chambers’s Vinerian lectures, Billy Budd, De Profundis,
Tales of the Dakota, and Babel.


Articles to include:



Simon Stern, Cheryl Suzack, and Greig Henderson


Victim Impact Statements, New Media Technologies, and the Classical Rhetoric
of Sincerity

Todd Butler


“A More Exact Purity”: Legal Authority and Conspicuous Amalgamation in
Eighteenth-Century English Law Guides and the Oxford Law Lectures of Sir
Robert Chambers and Samuel Johnson

Nicole M. Wright


The Hard Case: Billy Budd and the Judgment Intuitive

Gregg Crane


Law’s Empire Writes Back: Legal Positivism and Literary Rejoinder in Wilde’s
De Profundis

Dale Barleben


How Allotment-Era Literature Can Inform Current Controversies About Tribal
Jurisdiction and Reservation Diminishment

Ann E. Tweedy


In the Shadowlands of Sovereignty: The Politics of Enclosure in Alejandro
González Iñárritu’s Babel

Elizabeth S. Anker


Genre, Critique and Human Rights

Mark Antaki


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