[Milton-L] Milton in Malacandra

Dario Rivarossa dario.rivarossa at gmail.com
Sun Jul 14 01:49:51 EDT 2013

Milton, rpt: MILTON is among the sources CS Lewis expressly mentions
for his wonderful 1938 novel "Out of the Silent Planet," one of the
brightest and most fascinating reinterpretations of the Eden story
I've ever come across, thanks JCarl. Here's a brief review plus 4
original illustrations:

The fish-thing, as a symbol in Malacandran art, means Satan. But more
properly "children/servants of Satan," i.e. the Oyarsa they belong,
are the two humans who try to exploit and spoil the planet --- as well
as our own planet, for that matter; e.g. Prof. Weston ( = West, on and
on?) possibly comes from and, at the same time, foreshadows Hitler.

As to the Messiah, right, the protagonist is a guy nicknamed "Ransom,"
but maybe a truer Messianic subject is . . .


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