[Milton-L] New Books On the Gunpowder Plot of 1605 and the celebration of the Great Deliverance

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Greetings Good People-

At last progress...the first two volumes of my extensive study of the plot and it’s celebration are now out with the next two out next week.
Each is quite large= 3-400 pages.
The first is the most complete collection of primary materials relating to the plot and initial celebration- sermons, songs etc....
The second is the only complete collection of music relating to the celebration

The third volume is a large collection of literature – including Milton
The fourth will be a collection of Commentary and Drama

At present the first two books are on Kindle- 
For those in the UK prices have been set very low for an initial period via Amazon UK
Because of the size electronic books will help to save postage

Another way to save is to request that your local university or reference library obtain a copy.
These will be essential reference works.

Information on the series is available here:


Conrad Bladey

This Just In- the 
Book of Guy Fawkes Day and its Bonfire night the most complete work on the Gunpowder Plot the Great Deliverance of 1605, Guy Fawkes Day, is now available-an essential work-nothing like it!
The Book of Wassail- -Only Comprehensive study of all aspects of Wassail ever. 5 Volumes,Illustrated, Literature, Folklore, Music, Drama, Recipes and huge Bibliography. Essential for learning customs, a spectacular reference and a very good read. It is filled with recipes songs and literary treasures. Web page order form is here:
Please contact your local reference library- they should have a copy. Institutional discount available.

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