[Milton-L] Milton Society Twitter Feed

David Ainsworth dainsworth at as.ua.edu
Thu Jan 31 12:39:27 EST 2013

Hi, all,

As Milton Society Communications Director, I'm here to announce that our 
Twitter account (@MiltonSociety) will begin activity on February 4th 
with our (and my) first tweet.  At the moment, I expect to limit 
activity to CFPs and other news and to "Milton Monday," a short 
quotation from Milton to start off each week.  Your feedback and 
following may dictate changes from there.


While you're waiting for the first tweet, here's a poetic pastiche to 
tide you over:


Because you have thrown off your Luddite ways,
    And with stiff Vows embrac’d the Internet
    To Tweet, email, wall post and I forget
The other terms (to list ‘em would take days),
Dare I for this adjure the Civil Word
    To force abbreviations (OMG!)
    And conform to mere One hundred Forty
    Required by /Dorsey/ and that small /Bird/?
Scholars whose Learning, Life and pure intent
    Would have been held in high esteem with Paul
    Must now be nam’d @MiltonHeresy
By shallow Tumblr and Face’ what d’ye call:
    But we hope @MiltonSociety
    You’ll follow and find worthy of your meed;
		This brand-new Twitter feed
May entertain and update you for years,
Clip URLs, though balk at “Me, too” Cheers,
			And succor my just Fears
That you shall think, when I take up this charge:
“/New Twitterer/ is but /Old Twit/ writ Large.”


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