[Milton-L] Vallombrosa (Milton-L Digest, Vol 75, Issue 17)

Evan LaBuzetta evanlabuzetta at cantab.net
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Dear Mario, all,

I can actually answer this with some certainty - in March of 2008 I visited
a cousin who lives near Vallombrosa, and made a point of driving up to see
the actual monastery site. I've just looked back at some pictures from that

Most of the trees in the area were evergreens, but there were definitely
some deciduous ones as well; they were very apparent in March. If
interested, get in touch directly and I can forward photos of leafless
trees and even a leaf-strown brook (taken with those lines in mind).

All the best,

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> Dear Friends,
> I came across an odd notation recently declaring that Milton
> misrepresented Vallombrosa in the famous line from PL I, "Thick as
> autumnal leaves that strow the brooks / Of Vallombrosa." The writer
> claimed that the line proves Milton was never at Vallombrosa; there are
> only evergreens at present day Vallombrosa.  But as our local arborist
> pointed out to me when I quoted the line, evergreens will gradually
> displace deciduous trees and even take over a forest.  I don't recall
> how dominant evergreens were when the great international Milton bash
> took place in the late 1980s, bringing Miltonists from all over to
> Vallombrosa and Florence. Had the evergreens completely displaced the
> deciduous trees on those mountains?
> Mario DiCesare
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