[Milton-L] J. Martin Evans, 1935-2013

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Dear Angelica,

Yes, one is stunned. I'm so glad also that we honoured him upon Milton's 
400th birthday.

I've just sent to Cynthia Haven (the Stanford person charged with 
writing an obituary) the little speech I gave in Philadelphia at the end 
of 2004, when Martin was honoured by the Milton Society. I quote you in 
it -- and attach it here for whatever it's worth.

Adios, also to you (and I can't think of a better word for farewell),
Dennis D

On 13-02-12 11:11 AM, Duran, Angelica A wrote:
> Dear Dennis,
> I sit here stunned, and sad. He had just completed some new publications,
> which I have yet to read, full I am sure of his wit and intelligence. He
> had just passed another groundhog's day birthday. Thanks for advising this
> community, which had the good sense and good fortune to honor him as the
> Milton Society of America's Honored Scholar some years back, and which
> will continue to honor him with our good work and our attempts at good
> work. Alas.
> Adios,
> Angelica Duran
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> Director, Religious Studies
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