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Miklós Péti peti_miklos at hotmail.com
Sat Dec 7 16:36:25 EST 2013

Dear Miltonists,

As the day of the Budapest Milton Marathon is approaching, I would like to share with you the result of some light-hearted frolicking we have had with the students both as “mental preparation” for the great event and a means of advertising it to others. In the facebook group of our institute I launched as a “special side event” the “First Milton Meme Competition”. Contestants could send in memes in two categories: either (1) a portrait of Milton with any text they chose, or (2) any image of their own choice with any excerpt from Paradise Lost. Interestingly, but perhaps not surprisingly, the second category was more popular; however, most memes were created “just for fun,” i.e. outside the competition, as reflections on the marathon itself. These latter images proved especially helpful in spreading the news among students, and the whole contest served as a good starting point in class to steer students towards considering early modern emblems.

So here they are if you are interested. Some of them might reflect Hungarians’ special, somewhat absurd sense of humor, and a few contain references that I must confess I can’t fully unravel. 


All best,

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