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Thank you.

On Friday, December 6, 2013, Salwa Khoddam wrote:

>  I think "tata" in British English (accent on the second syllable) means
> "good bye."
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> Yesterday many tributes to Nelson Mandela poured in, some of them
> coming from Africa via Facebook. Of these, I was struck by this one:
> Death be not proud, though some have called thee mighty and dreadful, for
> thou art not so....... And death shall be no more, death thou shalt die! -
> J. Donne. Lala ngoxolo Tata
> No idea what the Xhosa says, except that I think "Tata" means "father."
> Nancy Charlton
> PS: I sent this yesterday -- I thought -- but it never came to my inbox.
> I'm tempted to compare Mandela with Milton as freedom fighters: Mandela and
> the ANC were at some point terrorists, both worked to overthrow established
> autocratic governments, both were accomplished rhetoricians. I'm not sure
> Milton would have liked the emphasis on forgiveness that Mandela showed --
> but then Milton did not have to deal with racial issues. Still, the Samson/
> terrorist debate seems pertinent.
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