[Milton-L] Addendum to SA vs. PR

srevard at siue.edu srevard at siue.edu
Fri Dec 6 14:30:30 EST 2013

SA reminds Milton's readers that Samson was by preachers presented as an OT Type
of Jesus, and that his bringing down the (Philistine) Temple foreshadows the
assertion by Jesus in the NT that he will destroy and rebuild the Temple; but
PR reminds Milton's readers that the defeat of Satan/false gods/Philistines is
by true Christ(ians) best accomplished by "standing" not "slaughtering."  Just
as, when the War in Heaven is over, and the Son in his Chariot has driven the
demons out of Heaven and into Hell, the Son restores the "landscape" of Heaven,
and this is celebrated in song (see, of course, Lycidas, and On the Morning of
Christ's nativity, and the unfallen songs of Adam and Eve).

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