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Interestingly, the 2010 publisher's description in the link Jonathan provided indicates that SA, previously available only on a companion website, was included in the print version of the most recent edition. So there must have been some requests for the whole text to be made available, presumably because its length (among other factors) makes it more easily integrated into a survey than Paradise Lost. And if Broadview already had a version of the text available (and thus didn't have to contract for its editing), it's perhaps less surprising that they put forward a separate volume, as I can see SA being assigned in not only survey courses but also topics-based courses that might or might not be exclusively early modern in focus (the "terrorism" angle is perhaps one obvious possibility).


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The late John Shawcross told me that SA would be his lone Milton selection for a Brit Lit I survey.

Notably, Broadview's period anthology features all of SA and only portions of PL (as opposed to the Norton Anthology). (http://www.amazon.com/Broadview-Anthology-British-Literature-second/dp/1554810280)

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