[Milton-L] Thoughts on Milton and Satan?

Heather Moon hthrmn7 at gmail.com
Wed Dec 4 01:34:26 EST 2013

Hello everyone,
I'm new to the list but I've been doing some research on Milton and his
connection to the character Satan in *Paradise Lost*. I've noticed some
similarities between Milton and his character Satan, mainly that they are
both ambitious, they both fight against authority, and they're both
radicals. I also noticed that the views in writing in Satan's speeches are
similar so some of Milton's early work, particularly in his piece *Against
Prelaty*. I've been theorizing that Milton may have been putting his own
personality and views into his character Satan in order to fight against
the church, particularly against the prelates and possibly Calvinism. Do
you have any thoughts on this matter and where I might go for further
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