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I have been thinking  and writing about Eve and her lunch party for Raphael for a long time, ( MQ 1998, ref. Knoppers 2011) and have recently wondered if one can link the feast of Tu Bshvat ( celebration of trees and fruits) into that famous scene in book V of PL

I enclose a link which gives the chart for how the feast can be carried out.

In the PL scene, Eve selects and presents a variety of fruits ( some dried for extra flavor, as in the tu bshvat seder) with different characteristics and, if one follows this line of thought, Raphael's story of transubstantiation and the Tu Bshvat metaphorical links to the tree of life become perhaps a likely context for her hospitality.

'fruits of all kinds, in coat,/Rough, or smooth rined, or bearded husk, or shell/ She gathers' ( V. 341 - 343), and there is wine too.... 'From many a berry ' ( red and white?)

What do people think, is this too far fetched? Milton was a learned Hebraist, along with his other learning

Anyway, just a thought

Best wishes

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