[Milton-L] Milton, Jesus, and Homosexuality

David Urban dvu2 at calvin.edu
Mon Oct 8 07:35:35 EDT 2012

Dear Fellow Miltonists,

I'd like to announce a new article I wrote, entitled "The Homosexual Temptation of the Son in Milton's Paradise Regained: A Reply to John T. Shawcross and Claude J. Summers."  It's in the new issue of *Connotations: A Journal of Scholarly Debate* (http://www.connotations.uni-tuebingen.de/index.htm), and it replies to statements put forth by Summers and Shawcross regarding how alleged rumors in the middle ages and early modern era regarding Jesus' homosexuality affected Milton's portrayal of the Son in *Paradise Regained.*

*Connotations* is a journal that specifically seeks to foster debate on articles published there and in other journals.  It welcomes all replies.  I wish my friend and colleague John Shawcross were still with us to carry on the debate.  But perhaps some on Milton-L will offer comments or even write a reply for *Connotations*?  Thank you for your consideration.

Here are the html and pdf links to the article:





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