[Milton-L] Iliad Marathon Reading

Nancy Charlton nbcharlton at comcast.net
Fri Nov 30 22:27:08 EST 2012

I'm looking forward to this coming Sunday when the Portland Art 
Museum is hosting a marathon reading of the Iliad.  This is in 
conjunction with the current exhibit "The Body Beautiful in 
Ancient Greece," which will run until January 6.  This collection 
is primarily sculptures from the British Museum. The centerpiece 
is the Diskobolus, original by Myron. I spent nearly two hours at 
the exhibit this morning and will go again and concentrate on the 
pottery, equal in amount if not mind-bending awesomeness, to the 
statues.  And the print gallery has an exhibit I didn't get to at 
all, "Mythologus." I only went to the museum to renew my 
membership, but they asked me if I'd like to see the exhibit. I 
was surprised, because they've made quite a point of having timed 
tickets, but apparently Friday morning was a slow time.

I don't know what translation(s) they will be using for the 
reading, but the web site says that the words will be projected 
overhead. A similar reading apparently was done earlier this year 
in London in conjunction with the Olympics.  Apparently the 
company running this, Eventora,does this kind of event quite widely.

Unlike any Paradise Lost marathon I've been to, you pay to attend 
this one. Here is the PAM main web site, and you can navigate 
from there.  http://www.portlandartmuseum.org/

I didn't know about this until yesterday, or I would have let you 
all know earlier.  As it is, they have plenty of reading slots 
open in the evening but are all filled up to about 1700 hours, 
according to an email I just received.

This exhibit is worth going out of your way for.  If you'll be in 
Portland and would like to see it, let me know as I can get 
tickets through my membership.

Best to all,

Nancy Charlton
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