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Have you tried this source?  It's seems like it would be helpful to your topic, or at least point you to some good (albeit older) sources:


I hope your project goes well!


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I hope you are getting some good information.  One older source you should probably look at is Howard Schultz, _Milton and Forbidden Knowledge_ (New York: Modern Language Association, 1955).

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Hello, everybody,

I'm a graduate student who's writing a research paper on Milton's use of allegories within Paradise Lost.  If allegories are a mediator between the human mind and concepts that are considered to be beyond human understandings, I'm trying to find out what role the allegorical characters Sin and Death play in a narrative that stresses the intellectual sin of desiring knowledge that goes beyond the bounds that God sets in place.  If anyone can suggest some sources that will help in my research, I would be really appreciative.

Thank you,


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