[Milton-L] The Supreme Milton Artist

Dario Rivarossa dario.rivarossa at gmail.com
Fri Nov 16 13:26:21 EST 2012

>Not to be too skeptical, but is there any direct evidence that Klimt ever read Milton?

Dear Aaron:

right. In the brief but well documented biography I've just read there
was no reference to Milton. Didn't read a thicker book (not yet, at

Anyway, it wasn't even necessary: Milton modified 'once and for all'
the way of reading Genesis. As far as I know, his thought/imagery was
quite widespread among European independent intellectuals in the 19th
century and around. Basically any artistic group backing
counterculture: Symbolism, Secession, Decadentism, Mauditism, ... had
a _Miltonian approach_ to the Bible (see features listed in the
previous posts).

But, of course, it would be great to find out that there was an
explicit link. Something to work on. I conceive the process of
interpretation as a starting point, not as a 'last word.' That sounds
quite Miltonian, incidentally ;-)


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