[Milton-L] The Supreme Milton Artist: Eve by Klimt

Dario Rivarossa dario.rivarossa at gmail.com
Fri Nov 16 00:57:53 EST 2012

Hi Esther, and thanks.

My perception is that "that" Eve could well show her as she was in
Paradise, from her Tree dream on. While Adam 'sleeps' --- and not only
during the shaping of Eve out of his rib (that anyway may be the very
scene depicted by the artist here, thought the two are standing, or
seem to).

As to modern objects, materials, references, added to a prehistoric
setting, it was Milton indeed the one who more strongly 'modernized'
Genesis. His Eden, as well as Raphael's 'report' on the six days of
creation are full of 17th century ideas and images.


>This fully-ripened Eve as seductress really does seen to capture how she  appears in PL just after Adam joins her in her fallen state and is just about to join her in a bout of frenzied lust-making. However, I just don't find it to be representative of her character. Klimt's use of metallic objects and other    representatives of the Industrial Age
as a accompaniment for and a background of his depictions of the
heights of orgiastic pleasures marks him as a Modernist. For Milton,
the Iron Age begins for Adam and Eve (and us) after they are expelled
from Eden and that makes all the difference.

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