[Milton-L] Wordsworth?

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Though I had read it several times, I only actually 'discovered' the Prelude
a couple years before my eyes failed me. Early in Book 1 he echoes the final
lines of PL, re a place of rest. I haven't read much commentary on the
Prelude & can't recommend any. I think most editions of the poem have a
footnote at least noting the echo & the implicit claims such an echo carries
for the poem. I think epic poets have to be a bit arrogant ever even to
start their poems. And to challenge comparison with PL is pretty impressive.
If current trials of surgical treatment of macular degeneration pan out soon
enough to help an octogenarian, the Prelude may be the first book I pick up.
I'm not, however, as they say holding my breath.





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I'm a lurker who enjoys the discussions on this list.


Can you recommend an article on Wordsworth's beginning the Prelude where
"Milton left off"?  I've never heard or thought of that before.



Thank you,


Christine in Baltimore 



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Vondell Jones: "I am interested in discussing how the poem transforms itself
from a Romanitic poem to a Tragic poem."

I never thought of it as a tragedy? Wordsworth was able to begin the Prelude
where Milton left off -- he couldn't have done that with a tragic poem. 


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