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Sat Mar 24 12:28:35 EDT 2012

Dear Milton-L subscribers:
Is anyone willing to discuss how John Milton chose the concept of "Paradise 
 Lost" for his epic poem?  According to passages I've read from Yale  
Professor John Rogers, Milton was entertaining the idea of writing a chivalric  
poem fashioned after Edmund Spenser's "Fairie Queene" but decided to pursue 
the  "Genesis" narrative.
Additionally, I am interested in discussing how the poem transforms itself  
from a Romanitic poem to a Tragic poem.  I am interested in learning more  
about this topic and seeking advice about which literary references or 
published  papers I can consult.  Also, how the use of iambic pentameter affects  
the dramatic presentation of the poem?
I am new to the scholarship of John Milton and am eager to discuss with  
others about this fascinating poet.
Thank you,
Vondell Jones
University of New Mexico Graduate Student
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