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Re: Re: [Milton-L] Fw: Hanged in their coffins (Milton and Bradshaw in DNB)I believe the bodies--not the coffins--were hanged at Tyburn (where Marble Arch now stands), Robert--and their heads were impaled on spikes outside Whitehall--but it's been a while and I will have to check for you when I haven't had an incredibly long day. The bodies were exhumed from their stately graves at Westminster Abbey and desecrated to show the Restoration Royalists' contempt for the rebels, who had dared to be make arrangements to be buried with crowned kings and queens.
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  Do you have any clarification as to the exact procedure of one being hanged in one's coffin? Was the coffin hung on a gallows? Or was the corpse hung on a gallows?

  Thanks in advance for any info.



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