[Milton-L] Paradise Lost, Parallel Prose Edition (2nd edition)

Dennis Danielson danielso at mail.ubc.ca
Fri Mar 2 10:29:41 EST 2012

Dear Fellow Miltonists,

If I may I'd like to announce that Broadview Press has just re-published 
my "parallel prose" edition of Paradise Lost, which first appeared to 
coincide with Milton’s 400th birthday in 2008. Intended mainly for 
readers who might never otherwise tackle Milton -- those who read modern 
English translations of Homer or Virgil but are held back by the 
structure, syntax, and vocabulary of Paradise Lost -- this edition 
offers the original text of the epic on the left-hand page and a prose 
rendition ("translation," if you will) of the story on the recto. More 
information is available at the following address:


A short interview I gave the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation about the 
first edition can be accessed via the following link:


End of advertisement.

Many thanks.
Dennis Danielson

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