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Duran, Angelica A duran0 at purdue.edu
Thu Jun 14 16:40:58 EDT 2012

Dear scholars,

I am interested in finding out about the experiences you have had with
either assigning or being assigned to memorize early modern British poetry,
Milton or other. 

I would appreciate it if you could respond off-list to any or all of these
€ What specific pomes did you memorize / do you assign?
* were you given / do you give any written instructions in coordination with
the assignment?
€ were you given / do you give a grading rubric?
€ was / is the assignment early or late in the term, or does it not matter
for you?
€ how did / does delivery of the recitation work? In class, in your office,
at a public event?
€ any neat or funny anecdotes?

I memorized poetry in high school and college, then have elected to memorize
for my graduate qualifying exams and have memorized a 14-21 line snippet
nearly every semester since becoming a faculty member 12 years ago. I assign
memorization and recitation, usually with first recitations in class and
final recitations at a low-key campus, public events. I'm considering
extending the assignment to my graduate courses.

Many, thanks.


Angelica Duran
Associate Professor, English and Comparative Literature
Director, Religious Studies Program
Purdue University
500 Oval Drive / Heavilon Hall
West Lafayette, Indiana 47907
<duran0 at purdue.edu>

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