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Dear friends,

I had occasion today to look over a typewritten (before the days of computers) list of "Norman/English/British Monarchs." What puzzled me from the list in the 1980's, puzzles me still, so it's time to follow up. Because this involves a monarch of the Age of Milton, James I, I figure it is fair game for this list.

One of the notes says that with the death of Anne (r. 1702-1714) who "died w/o issue," the "Stuart line ends." Subsequent to Anne is George I (r. 1714-1727), whose note reads "great-great-grandson of James I through his daughter Elizabeth and her [Elizabeth's] daughter Sophia, who married Ernest August, the Elector of Hanover; begins the House of Hanover." Technically, then it seems George I was a Stuart and a Hanover.  ¿Is the end of the line of Stuarts and beginning of Hanovers based on the male line?

Many thanks, all.

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