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Coming this fall to University of Toronto Quarterly 


Operatics: The Interdisciplinary Workings of Opera

University of Toronto Quarterly - Volume 81, Number 4, Fall 2012

Editors - Katherine R. Larson, Sherry D. Lee, Caryl Clark, and Linda


In its emphasis on “Operatics,” this special issue takes as its focus the
“workings” of opera: the dynamic relationship between operatic source
text(s), libretto, and musical score, and the technological and
physiological labour that makes possible operatic production and
performance. It also registers opera’s powerful capacity both to rework
particular narratives and historical moments and to work on audience members
through its lavish fusion of music, text, and stage spectacle as well as
increasingly varied modes of reception. The work showcased in this
collection emerged out of the 2009-10, 2010-11, and 2011-12 seasons of the
Opera Exchange, an innovative symposium series based at the University of
Toronto and co-organized with the Canadian Opera Company which has been
bringing together leading scholars to elucidate selected operatic texts from
a range of disciplinary perspectives for nearly ten years. Together, the
contributors to this volume help to illuminate, from richly varied
perspectives, the implications of confronting the “operatics”–the inner and
affective workings–of the extravagant, provocative, and fundamentally
interdisciplinary genre that is opera.


Articles include:



Katherine R. Larson, Sherry D. Lee, Caryl Clark, and Linda Hutcheon


Opera as News: Nixon in China and the Contemporary Operatic Subject

William Germano


The Political Resonance of Nixon in China

Louis W. Pauly


Love and Faith in Othello and Otello

Alexander Leggatt


The Society of Women in the History of Othello from Shakespeare to Verdi

Jill L. Levenson


Iphigénie à Paris: Gluck and the philosophes

Nathan Martin


The Flying Dutchman, the Wandering Jew, and Wagner’s Anti-Semitism

Stephen McClatchie


Death in Venice and Beyond: Benjamin Britten’s Late Works

Kimberly F. Canton, Amelia DeFalco, Linda Hutcheon, Michael Hutcheon,
Katherine R. Larson, and Helmut Reichenbächer


Cinematic Operatics: Barbara Willis Sweete Directs Metropolitan Opera HD

Kay Armatage


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