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Dear colleagues,

As a long-time member of the Ficino, Milton, and H-Albion lists, I want to 
draw attention to some features of my new book, Picturing Religious 
Experience: George Herbert, Calvin, and the Scriptures (University of 
Delaware Press, 2011) -- features that should make it of interest to more 
than Herbert readers and scholars..

(1) Findings in this book are of historical significance because they 
provide support for the realignment of the early seventeenth century Church 
of England by historians such as Peter Lake, Kenneth Fincham, Nicholas 
Tyacke, Patrick Collinson, and Anthony Milton, who assert that at the 
centre of the Elizabethan and Jacobean Church of England there was a 
"Calvinist consensus" that included bishops, conforming puritans such as 
college heads, and other moderates.

(2) This book demonstrates that the writings of Calvin, widely available in 
England of that time, could have a marked impact on some mainline English 
literary and religious writings. It also gets away from the preoccupation 
with predestination that has detracted from an appreciation of more 
important aspects of Calvin's influence, such as his attention to the 
experience of living the Christian life, and his intense biblical focus..

Anyone interested in the Reformation, biblical studies, cross-cultural 
studies, the history of ideas, and great literature generally, and not only 
Calvin and Herbert scholars,  stand to gain by reading this book, which is 
recommended by well-qualified scholars.

Unfortunately academic books are too expensive these days, but if you see 
the potential value in this book, consider recommending it for purchase by 
your university or college library. I am attaching a flyer, good until 
September, which offers a 20% discount.

Daniel W. Doerksen 
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