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Nancy Charlton nbcharlton at comcast.net
Fri Jan 6 14:27:09 EST 2012

Not very Miltonic at all!  I don't recall any reference in the 
poems to this sadly-neglected fete.

The fete in question is Twelfth Night (strictly speaking a 
Twelfth Day), and I'm having a  "supper and merriment."  On the 
invitation I included a bit of doggerel by Herrick called 
"Twelfth Night: Or, King and Queen." This came up in a Google 
search and is in Illuminarium.  The good parson must have been 
buzzed when he wrote this, or perhaps the artistry is in making 
it deliberately bad in keeping with traditions of jokes and tricks.

But it would make a good song.  Do any of you know whether it has 
been a song, and if so is any music extant?  Sorry to ask, but I 
have no easy way to find this out.

Thanks in advance, and wes hael!

Nancy Charlton
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